The Scream

'The Scream' 2012

Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 140cm x 150cm

An image of a screaming Beatles fan with melting face paint - made of self-penned rhyming lyrical text containing mashed-up Andy Warhol artwork titles...

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This is the text that creates the image:

Andy Warhol looks a scream
Sucking Mickey Mouses dream
Electric chair electric chair
Tomato soup in silver hair
Hot dog bean clam chowder fever
Screen Queen screams leader leader

Flower flower every hour
Naked Onassis in the shower
Brillo Brillo Marilyn Monroe
Dribbles on a pink pillow
Sucks banana yellow yellow

Paloma Picasso pink breast of gello
Space fruit box of Brillo Brillo
Bottles of Coke bottles of Coke
Bottles and bottles and bottles of Coke

Jimmy Carter Dexamyl starlets
Chelsea Girls sunset barbiturates
Apples grapes apples pears
Watermelons guns phoney island fair

Dollars flowers dollars flowers

Chicken dumplings cheddar cheese
Tomato Maos consomme beef
Jane Fonda giant panda
Uncle Sam Volkswagen
Anniversary Donald Duck
Mickey Mouse turtle truck

Camouflage love is a pink cake
Space fruit Malanga sells a fake
Shoes knives cooking pot
San Fransisco silverspot
Kellogs Corn Flakes Barbie wedding cake
Self portrait portrait portrait

Mick Jagger ice hockey player
Ingrid Bergman Velvet banana
Man Ray Debbie Harry
John Wayne sixteen Jackies
Diamond Dust shoes Brooklyn Bridge
Four monkeys triple Elvis

Crimson pink daisy SL Coupe
One hundred cans after the party
Four dollar signs twelve cars
Mineola Motorcycle superstars
Cup and saucer hammer and sickle
Chocolate bunny Brillo Brillo

Baseball speedboat Statue of Liberty
Trash Red Elvis serendipity
Do it yourself tunafish disaster
Heart with bow on a giant panda
Paloma Picasso pink breast of gello
Spacefruit box of Brillo Brillo

Flash self portrait with glasses and shadow
Peaches pears grapes space fruit apple
Hamburger daisy fuschia and yellow
Sunset Man Ray shot orange Monroe
Nine Jackies flower for Tacoma Dome
Patsy Nasher Brigitte Bardot

Coke bottle speed skater superman polo player
Camouflage self portrait with Polaroid camera
Cowboys and Indians four Marilyns multicolor
Diamond Dust shoes dog and zebra
Dollar flower dollar flower
Lou Reed hits me every hour

David Hockney Liza Minelli
Junkies invade the Factory
Telephone hearts money tree
Chairman Mao Liberty

Flash self portrait with glasses and shadow
Hamburger daisy fuschia and yellow
Nine Jackies flower for Tacoma Dome
A solitary man walks the road alone

Silver dream silver screen
Andy Warhol looks a Scream

Text from the painting ‘The Scream’
Acrylic on Canvas 140cm x 150cm
©Mike Edwards 2012