Desires and Fires

'Desires and Fires'.

Things happen. Life happens. Turning points happen. The seduction and destruction of change - whether brought on by a catastrophic event - or self-inflicted. Follow your desires and get burnt? - or follow your desires and be rewarded..?

The figure is turning - looking back - or past - the black text streaming behind. The billowing mane of hair evoking smoke against the heat of the intense oranges and pinks behind. Is this someone walking away from a fire - or have they set the fire?

It’s also a visual metaphor for a creative turning point. Over time, artists - if they’re lucky - build audiences - and, in turn, audiences build expectations of the artists. What happens when artists want to fulfil their artistic desire over their desire to fulfil their audiences expectations?

This period of artistic dilemma or transition is reflected by using the text from the film script to Federico Fellini’s film ‘Otto E Mezzo’ to create the central image of the female figure. The film, acclaimed as an avant garde masterpiece on it’s release in 1963, is a master study of Fellini’s own struggle to reconcile art, audience and integrity.

The artwork’s association with the film is asserted by a film-poster feel and the use of Fellini’s star Claudia Cardinale as the main subject. Cardinale - hailed as the Italian Bardot at the time - is a strong, intelligent and seductive actress in her own right. The addition of a bunny mask adds to a sense of playfulness and at the same time acknowledges visual themes in contemporary art.

Desires and Fires is about the seductive and destructive qualities of desire - and the seduction of change..

“Turn and face the strange ch.. ch.. changes..”

Signed and numbered edition of 33.

Printed on Somerset Velvet 330gsm paper with deckled edges. Certificate of authenticity on request.

Size: 98cm x 74cm
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'Article Ten'
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