Mike Edwards is one of the pioneers of contemporary Typographic Art. In the Word Paintings - or Text Portraits - each single letter is rendered in a separate colour. When viewed from a distance the letters merge to create an image with a photographic-like quality.

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Word Art

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'Tom Waits'

A handwritten typographic portrait of Tom Waits made from random Tom Waits associated words and phrases..

Mike Edwards Ophelia Drowning

'Robin Williams'

A typographic portrait made of quotes

Robin Williams commissioned painting


A typographic portrait made of Guns n Roses lyrics...

Commissioned Slash artwork

I'm always open to commissions. Email me for details and quotes.

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Elton John Superstar Limited Edition by Mike Edwards

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Magna Carta. Oil on canvas by Mike Edwards

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'Debbie Harry TEXT ME'

Debbie Harry Text Me by Mike Edwards

Brand New Limited Edition
'Graffiti Prince'.
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Graffiti Prince Limited Edition by Mike Edwards

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Prince Limited Edition by Mike Edwards